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I recently returned from a trip to Sand Hollow, UT for the Trail Hero event. This was my first trip to this area. Before leaving, I purchased the "main trails" rock crawling maps from CartoTracks. Prior to this trip I had purchased and used their maps for KOH 2016 (which I found to be a HUGE help as I had never been to the Hammers). For those that have never been to Sand Hollow OHV area, it is a maze of trails. You are able to drive wherever you want to go, in any direction. And the main trails drop into and out of and then back into various washes. So there are tracks everywhere, in every direction, and the trails are difficult to follow even during the day unless you are a local and have run them several times. Without the CartoTracks maps, I would have found myself lost and off the trail within minutes. Their maps kept me on track and on course, so much so that my buddies made me the trail leader since I was the only one who knew where I was going! One evening we headed out about 5:30pm for an evening run. As things often go, we took longer than expected and we ended up wheeling the second half of the trail in the dark. If you thought the trails in Sand Hollow were hard to follow during the day, just try it at night! YIKES!! I found myself following the CartoTracks map foot by foot and eventually worked our way up the trail and out and back to camp safely. Had it not been for those maps, I have no idea how we would have made it up the trail and back to camp in the dark. The money I spent on these maps have been worth every penny! I highly recommend using these for any trip you have which they cover. Keep 'em coming, CartoTracks!!!! -Jay - Phoenix, AZ
Danny Michaels
"CartoTracks is definitely a game changer! I was originally questioning the value of having an e-version of a park map while on the trail, but now having used it... I'm sold. In the past, a few wrong turns were made and there has definitely been plenty of time spent questioning exactly where we are and which direction to go. I don't think we made a single wrong turn last weekend and knew exactly where we wanted/were going at all times. So nice!! If there's a map available for a location I'm visiting, I'm buying... it's a no brainer!"
Loren Healy
2010, 2014 King of the Hammers Winner and 2014 Ultra 4 Champion
"CartoTracks is on to something great, I'm really looking forward to the advancements in technology they are bringing to the table. Their mapping system will dramatically change the way we navigate while racing and rec wheeling!"
King of the Hammers 2015 Spectator
"You've changed King Of The Hammers!"
Walter Shafer
SFWDA Website Administrator
"It only took a minute to download and was very intuitive. Worked great first try! The added level of confidence knowing my exact location on the trail is finally simple and on my phone."
Mark Smith
Hawk Pride Offroad
"I am very impressed with the map that CartoTracks produced for Hawk Pride Offroad. They were extremely easy to work with in all phases of the map making process. I give them my highest recommendation regarding design, organization and timeliness in completing such a large project."
Ricky Berry
"There is nothing worse than traveling to an offroad park and making the same loop over and over all weekend because you don't know the way around. Having the whole trail system on my iphone is awesome, no more missing out on the good spots! Best part is the maps work even if you don't have phone reception. Looking forward to more parks picking up Cartotracks."
Ray Stanley
President SFWDA 2014-2015
"The Southern Four Wheel Drive Association would like to express our thanks to Jake White and his new business, Cartotracks, in the great work developing a new digital map of the Golden Mountain Park as we prepare for Dixie Run 28."