CartoTracks is the leader in quality smart phone maps for off-grid recreation!

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Works Offline Without Cell Signal

Once downloaded, our maps work completely offline.

The maps are GPS-enabled showing you the magic blue dot, pinpointing your location on the map, even without cell signal.

Clean, Simple, Effective Maps

True cartography is what our company is founded on and it's what makes CartoTracks maps better than "GPS tracks". We include everything necessarry to navigate effectively including trails, names, ratings, contours, and other features on an easy-to-use map.

Your Favorite Places Nation-Wide

Our maps of locations across the country are the best you'll find. We are adding maps regularly, constantly growing our map library. Do you have a favorite place to adventure that we haven't mapped yet? Drop us a line and we'll take a look.

Quality Maps Start With Quality Data

No crowd-sourced data here! We've physically traversed every trail with extremely accurate GPS equipment, rating the trails often along-side park managers and land owners. The blessing of park managers and land agencies is a critical last step in ensuring our maps are the most accurate maps available.

Getting Started is Simple:

  1. Download the "Avenza Maps" app from the app store
  2. Browse our Maps on this site and select those you need
  3. After purchasing click the "Download into Avenza Maps App" buttons on the following page. These links are also sent to you via email and are available in your account.
  4. Enjoy your adventure navigating like a pro!

Help Us Keep Offroad Trails Open

Trail closures are never something any of us want to hear about but it's happening more and more often. Education is the key and having accurate maps showing designated trails is critical to helping you stay on those trails.
We support and work closely with organizations like Tread Lightly!® who, through sound education, help to keep trails open for us and future generations to continue to enjoy.

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